Hardcore Hustling Tactics to Buy and Sell LLLL .com Domains – With Jeffrey Emerick

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    Think you can’t get into domain name investing because you don’t have enough money to start? Think again. Today’s investor started a year ago with an investment budget of only $100. He recently used some of his profits as a down payment on a new house on a lake. Stay tuned to hear the whole story.
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    Michael Cyger: Hey everyone. My name is Michael Cyger, and I’m the Publisher of DomainSherpa.com – the website where you come to learn how to become a successful domain name investor or entrepreneur directly from the experts. I bring on experts, people we call Sherpas, to teach you things through interviews, panel discussions, and tutorials. When you learn and advance your experience and skills and make sales, I hope you come back to do an interview like today’s guest is going to do.
    I would like to welcome to the show, Jeffrey Emerick, a domain investor, specializing in LLLL.com domain names. Welcome, Jeffrey.
    Jeffrey Emerick: Hi, how is it going?
    Michael: Great. Well, everything except for my voice. So, Drew Rosener called it my ***y voice. I prefer to call it the voice that makes it really difficult for me to talk, so I apologize in advance.
    Jeffrey: Oh, no, that is fine.
    Michael: All right. So, we actually met, I think, last year when you came over the mountains from Eastern Washington to Seattle for DN Seattle Networking Event. That was the first time we met, right?
    Jeffrey: Yeah. Well, I mean actually in Las Vegas at NamesCon.
    Michael: NamesCon.
    Jeffrey: I went to that when I did not really know what I was doing, and I actually learned quite a bit, and networking is pretty key there.
    Michael: Definitely. So, you are a fellow Washingtonian.
    Jeffrey: Yeah, I am just right over the mountain, on the Eastern side.
    Michael: Awesome. One of these days, I am actually going to get over to Spokane, and then we will get together over there.
    Jeffrey: Nice. Yeah, definitely. That would be great.
    Michael: But you are going to NamesCon again in January.
    Jeffrey: Oh yeah.
    Michael: And so, I love your trademark. It is the hat. Is that called a Stetson?
    Jeffrey: A fedora.
    Michael: Fedora. That is what it is. So, your trademark fedora, so I am always going to be able to identify you in a crowd of people, and I hear they are going to have like over one thousand people this coming January, so it is going to be crazy.
    Jeffrey: Oh yeah, it was a great turnout last time.
    Michael: It was, and this year is going to be even better. Good to see you again. So, today, we are talking about LLLL.com domain names. And everybody that is watching this show, if they are not underneath a rock and they are not just getting into domain investing today, they have seen the rise of the LLLL.com domain names, the rise in pricing. How long ago did you start investing in domain names as a whole?
    Jeffrey: Around October. I did not know what I was doing. I just bought a bunch of things that I thought sounded cool, because it was one of the things I wanted to kind of get into.
    Michael: Oh, hold on one second, Jeffrey. We just had a little bit of a video issue. Just popped up, but you are beter now. It is still a little bit. I think it is better. So, October 2014, you started getting into domain name investing.
    Jeffrey: Yeah.
    Michael: So, that is only about a year. In that year, how much have you earned in profit as a result of domain name investing?
    Jeffrey: As a whole, with everything, a little over 20K.
    Michael: Over 20K. And with that 20K, some of which has been invested back into domain names I take it.
    Jeffrey: Oh yeah. Yeah, definitely.
    Michael: And then what has that 20K enabled you to do? Did you go and spend it on something big for yourself or something nice?
    Jeffrey: Yeah, recently actually I pulled out enough to get a down payment on a house.
    Michael: Is that the house where you are filming from today?
    Jeffrey: Yeah, it is.
    Michael: That is awesome. So, you made enough money in only 12 months to put down a down payment on the house that you are filming from today in Spokane.
    Jeffrey: Yeah. And everybody kind of says all the good domains are taken and you have to have started back in the ’90s, so that was kind of discouraging at first, but you can kind of figure out strategies on how to do it. There is a blueprint out there that people like to use. It is by that short one-word .COM, but you kind of need a budget to get into there.
    Michael: You do.
    Jeffrey: And so, I was trying to figure out something that I could flip to give me that budget, so I could start buying one-word .COMs or even three-letter .COMs because those are a great guarantee.
    Michael: So, when you started investing a year ago, we chatted in the pre-interview that you watched a couple of shows on Domain Sherpa and tried to follow the strategies of others. What happened?
    Jeffrey: Well, I learned that you have got to do a lot of like SEO stuff and you have got to learn how to do WordPress, and I am just not really good at all that stuff, and so I put a lot of time and effort into that and it just was not very fruitful at all. I already have a separate business. Domaining is something I am learning to do, and so I just really did not have the time to put into AdSense and AdWords, and all these things that you have to learn in order to get people to come and click, and so it just did not work out for me.
    Michael: Yeah, it seems like there is definitely two schools of thought. If you are an entrepreneur and you are developing out assets and like you know how to develop assets, then that is one way to go, but most people that are investors, watching this show, are just investors. They know a good deal when they see it if they have built up that gut instinct for a good price and they know they can sell it for a profit. So, you tried your hand in developing, but you realized that investing and flipping is the way you wanted to go.
    Jeffrey: Right. Yeah. Mainly liquidity. I kind of discovered liquidity. I kind of learned about it, and I feel like it is not enough to understand liquidity. You have to experience it.
    Michael: Yeah.
    Jeffrey: Because you kind of get this confidence when you have this portfolio of domains that you can sell today if you need to. That is unlike all the other stuff that I was buying.
    Michael: So, what kind of stuff were you buying before? Give me a couple of examples.
    Jeffrey: I was buying a bunch of bitcoin domains because I actually had done okay with bitcoin and I thought that if I bought bitcoin domains, it would be the next big things, and it just did not work out. And then I bought cord bank domains after seeing one of your interviews. It had like a 90-dollar cost-per-click, and same thing. If people are not going to come, you cannot get people to come or (Unclear 6:24.9), then it is really hard to do that.

    Watch the full video at:

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